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1394 Firewire Pci?

Date: by Alex Lee Huang

When you have problems, dealing with driver issues, installations and updates is a REAL PAIN. I know the feeling. BUT I found a fast solution, and it was safe too (if you install the wrong version it can cripple your pc).

I found Driver Detective to be the SAFEST and FASTEST way to install/update the latest drivers in seconds, and get your hardware working...

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1394 Firewire Pci - Driver Detective

What I found I liked about it, is Instead of searching around for the drivers, and then manually installing them (which is a pain), Driver Detective handled the task all automatically with almost nothing required on my part except clicking a button a few times.

Note: Downloading the wrong driver can also be disastrous.. don't take any chances! Download Driver Detective , which pinpoints your PC's precise drivers and handles the install... safely & automatically.

Yes, Driver Detective safely automates the entire driver download/install/update process... and the best part is, updating the drivers you need only takes just a few clicks.

It will locate drivers directly from the manufacturers of all your connected devices in minutes. Sounds incredible doesn't it? It really is! Download it here:

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After you download and install Driver Detective, simply press the "Start Scan" button and the software does all the work for you, and in minutes your drivers will be updated... SAFELY & AUTOMATICALLY.

How To Update Your Drivers - 1394 Firewire Pci

*First: Download & Install My Recommended Software

*Next: Press the Scan button

*Finally: Press Update Drivers.. Done!

"1394 Firewire Pci" - Related Problems

How do you know if you need to update your drivers?

- if your device isn't working, OR you are getting an error message, you DEFINATELY do and that is a sure sign you have other driver related problems. I know this from past experience.

- If you're noticing funky behaviour, or if it's giving you hit or miss performance, then I would say it's definately an outdated driver.

Use this utility to update your drivers now.

NOTE: Over 90% of people I help, have on average of over 40 outdated drivers on their system.. yea.. OUCH. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!

The simple tool I use (available to you too) locates every outdated driver on your system and automatically updates them. It even finds missing drivers for any connected device that is not operative.

It takes less than 2 minutes and is literally a simple push of a button! This sure beats the hours I used to spend hunting down drivers.

See, finding and updating your drivers wasn't so hard after all! :-)

1394 Firewire Pci - Other Notes:

- Even if you still have the original disks for your device, the drivers on those disks are most likely WAY outdated by now. As Windows updates itself, the drivers quickly become trash and worthless.

- It is required that you keep ALL your device drivers up to date at all times. Failure to do so can really mess things up, and if you're having problems with a particular device, updating your drivers is most likely the answer.

That's about it for now.. now go update those stinking drivers and eliminate device problems forever! Good luck!

8 Comments For 1394 Firewire Pci:

Posted by Lucky234 1 Hours ago
Holy smokes Alex!! Great fix worked like a charm. Many thanks

Posted by PClady68 1 Hours ago
Thanks Alex, I had 43 outdated drivers. Everything is faster now and my error is gone :-) When you're right you're right!

Posted by Bruser 1 Hours ago
Right on the money my friend. Glad I found this article.

Posted by PatMC21 1 Hours ago
No more error... device now working!!#!!$!! Worked perfect! Thanks Alex

Posted by Pauly 1 Hours ago
Great advice here. Tool is genius. Wish I had been doing this the whole time I wouldn't have had this problem.

Posted by AlexHuang (admin) 2 Hours ago
Great question DougInOhio. After the initial update is over I would do this once every two weeks minimum. I've heard of people doing it weekly too which can't hurt. Thanks all!

Posted by DougInOhio 2 Hours ago
Painless and hassle free just like you said Alex. One question, once I update my drivers how often should I scan for outdated drivers?

Posted by LawrenceH 2 Hours ago
Thanks Alex. Great tips and to the point. Worked flawlessly just like the other tips I've read of yours :-) Keep up the quality advice.

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